Zetetic can provide clients with a full range of services to accommodate their diverse needs and requirements. Zetetic is committed to provide a reliable and confidential service to supply clients with accurate and usable information. Zetetic utilises the latest systems and technology to achieve preferable and successful outcomes. 

Investigation & Intelligence

Physical & Desk Investigation, Criminal & Fraud Investigations, Intelligence Gathering, Local & International. 

Employee Vetting

Criminal Checks, AFIS, Sex Register Checks, Background Checks. 

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Physical Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Office and Vehicle Debugging. 

Social Media Analysis

Cross Platform Social Media Analysis, Personal Forum Analysis & Activity Analysis. 

Network security and privacy crime. Mixed media

Cyber Crime & Penetration Testing

Phishing, Malware Detection & Prevention, Network Security. 

Computer & Device Forensics

Computer, Cellphone and Tablet Forensics, Data Recovery, Collection and Analysis.